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What are glass balustrades and where can you use them?

Glass balustrades are some of the most versatile interior and exterior fencing and barrier solutions for your home or business. They fit easily into any aesthetic designs, are adaptable to your existing landscaping or internal fittings and provide the safety and visual appeal you’re looking for to make your space your own, without sacrificing security or style.

Why should you consider glass balustrades?

Glass balustrades are safe. They are made from a toughened material that is impact resistant and backed by a manufacturer guaranteed lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that danger areas like pools, high balconies or stairways are properly protected for your family, staff and customers.

Glass is adaptive to many aesthetics. Other fences or barriers can have a high design impact that alters the look and feel of your space. Wood is a great example, which while it comes with some appealing factors, cannot easily adapt to an existing area without extreme care. Glass is modern and versatile without having the same heavy-handed impact. Glass balustrades also come with customisable fittings like the spigots, joins and handrails, so you can create the look you want.

Glass retains your view. For balconies and verandas, so much of the appeal is being able to sit back, relax and admire the scenery. Glass balustrades are the most uninterrupted option for this kind of fencing, letting you keep your outlook and ensuring that the beauty of the natural landscape isn’t broken up, compromised or otherwise blocked by intrusive barriers. The glass blends into the view with minimal obstruction.

Exterior uses

Glass makes the perfect fence for your pool. Not only does it provide a secure barrier for your family or any visitors, but a pool fence is a legal requirement. What better way is there to showcase your attractive backyard asset and family space, than with a translucent fence that won’t detract from your pool’s design, while also satisfying your legal obligations?

Glass balustrades are a fantastic fence for a balcony or veranda. They preserve your view and keep users safe. In addition, they can help to showcase your business to visitors or passers-by, acting as a window into a shopfront or working space that could help increase your visibility in the community.

Interior uses

Glass is also a great way to secure inside areas. It can give stairs a sleek, modern look that helps to blend a room together and give a sense of light and openness. Paired with good lighting, it will help to create a continuous interior space that incorporates multiple levels, which is also perfect for an office or showroom.

As the fencing for a landing at home, glass will help to incorporate natural light from windows into other areas, which would be blocked by other barriers, again creating a light-filled modern design.

Glass balustrades are an adaptive and intuitive fencing solution for modern design. They fit into existing aesthetics, preserve your view, promote light into interior areas, all while retaining safety and security.

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