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How A Glass Balustrade On Your Balcony Can Help Prevent Children Falling To The Ground Below

How a Glass Balustrade on your Balcony can help Prevent Children Falling to the Ground Below

The renovations are complete. Your new home is an architectural masterpiece. What is the first thing you’ll do? Invite some friends around to show it off, of course!

Tough, Safe & Stylish

Modern, Industrial and minimalism are big in the design realm. What transcends all these trends? Glass balustrades. Whether it is for your pool fence, Balcony or indoor mezzanine, you want the material to be tough, safe, stylish and cohesive.

Choosing Tough As Glass Pool Fencing for your balcony is not only the right choice when it comes to adding beauty and value to your home. It is also the right choice when it comes to keeping your family safe. Using glass balustrades can even help prevent your children from falling off them onto the ground below. Saving them from critical injury, and even death.

Falls from windows and balconies are the second most common cause of preventable falls in the family home. Recognising that these accidents are all avoidable if you chose the right materials when installing your balcony is the first step in making sure you keep your own children safe in your home. The old adage that prevention is better than a cure has never been more relevant than when it comes to protecting your family.

Glass Balustrades from Tough As Glass are the obvious choice when building or renovating your home.

Preventive Measure 1: Strength

What is the most important thing about a balcony fence when it comes to keeping your children safe from falling? It  is the overall strength of the material used. Glass may not be your initial first thought, wouldn’t metal or wood be stronger? Well, no, that is simply not the case. Tough as Glass balustrades are made from grade A toughened industrial strength glass.

They wont splinter, or rust, both of which can actually cause damage and injury to your family. The glass used by Tough As Glass is not your regular window glass. It is specifically designed to be used as a safety barrier. It is virtually unbreakable.

The Building Code of Australia specifies that to pass their minimum standards, barriers must be able to prevent people from falling through the barrier and onto the ground below. As well as being able to restrict the passage of young children, and also be strong enough to withstand the impact of people falling against it, and leaning against it.

When you choose your glass balustrade from Tough As Glass, you know you are choosing a barrier that not only complies with the current standards of the BCA. It exceeds them.

Preventive Measure 2: Durability

If you are going to add value to your home when building or renovating. If you want a safety guarantee for your family when it comes to your pool or balcony fence. Not only does the material need to be strong, it needs to last. You don’t want to be spending money annually to replace or repair palings or bolts. That is money that can be spent on landscaping or home decor.

Tough as Glass Balustrades have both the strength and the durability to protect your family. You can also enjoy the undisrupted view from your new balcony. With the guarantee that it has been installed correctly and will not deteriorate due to environmental factors like salty air or summer storms.

A one off higher payment is much better than yearly upkeep costs, or worse, one of your children falling.  You really cannot put a price on the importance of keeping your kids safe in your own home.

Preventive Measure 3: Eliminating the Risk

The incidence of children falling from balconies and mezzanines is not a new phenomenon. And yet, these accidents are preventable if you eliminate the risks. Install a safety barrier that not only meets the building standards Australian building must adhere to, but exceeds them.

This is where a glass balustrade from Tough As Glass comes in.

When choosing the material for balcony and mezzanine, consideration needs to go into the effectiveness of the material both in its safety and style, ease of installation, and cost.

Kids Health Australia info show that the highest risk of falls is during the warmer months. When we are more social and enjoy the outdoors. And with children in the 2-3 years age bracket.

This is the age where they are fully mobile. Yet are not able to judge risks and see potential dangers in the environment around them.

Safety Comes First

Our balustrades are the appropriate height for use in multiple story buildings. They are installed by fully qualified technicians to ensure maximum safety for your family.

Once installed on your balcony or mezzanine, it is then up to you as a parent to ensure safety. Do not place climbable furniture close to the balustrade structure. Position movable planter boxes away from your glass balustrade as it creates a stable and easy climbing feature for children.

Glass balustrades do not have large openings like older styles wooden balustrades or wire balustrades. Both of these styles create foot holes and gaps for children to climb up or through and fall over to the ground below.

Add Value To Your Home

The way in which Tough As Glass balustrades are designed, made and installed makes them the ideal choice for your balcony or mezzanine safety barrier. Not only are they stylish and add value to your home, they are also the best preventive measure against your children falling that money can buy. Call Tough As Glass today for an obligation free quote for the best safety barriers for your home or office build or renovation.

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